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6teen is a Canadian show that was produced by Fresh TV and Nelvana, and premiered on Teletoon in 2004.

Was originally broadcast on Nickelodeon in the United States before being pushed over to Cartoon Network.

In the very first episode, every main character gets a job at the mall (while the jobs of the others change in-between episodes, Caitlin is the only character who keeps her job throughout the whole series).

And that starts up the plot points of 6teen.

Not to be confused with the Disney Channel movie 16 Wishes, or any Sweet sixteen, for that matter.

See also Just to Get a Laugh/Nikki & Just to Get a Laugh/Caitlin Cooke.


  • Cartoon Network Isn't Teletoon: Aired on Nickelodeon/The N for its first three seasons in America before Cartoon Network picked it up.
    • YTV uploaded most of the episodes to their YTV Direct YouTube channel before they began airing the show! Sure, they might have done it because Nelvana co-produced the show, but still, that's not a show YTV would normally air.
    • It was broadcast on the little-known Spanish TV channel Clan.
    • Not to mention the obvious ABC Me.
    • It was aired on KidsCo, despite it being a teen sitcom.
  • Slice of Life: If whatever they are doing isn't Intentionally funny...
  • Pop culture: In Canada, at least...
  • Innocent punishment: The reason why Caitlin works at the Lemon? She maxed out her credit card! And then tried to prove to her father that she can repay it.
  • Rule of Thumb: Every character who isn't Caitlin has switched jobs (or quit) at least once. This was due to Caitlin's Financial Failure status, and this rule of thumb was finally torn down the minute Caitlin Paid It All Off.
  • You Are Fired: Jude is hired by the Penalty Box in one episode. Only when a mess causes the boss to come back to his senses is Jude fired.
  • "Jetson, You're Fired!": Jonesy, in every single episode. In fact, he holds the record for most firings out of any character from Nelvana, let alone Teletoon.