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A typical meeting of the Eltingville Club.

Evan Dorkin tried to make a series out of a comic book... but failed to produce it outside this pilot.

It is also known as "Bring Me the Head of Boba Fett", after the story of the same name, also by Dorkin.

No episode was produced outside its pilot.


  • Obscurity, much?: Semi-obscure, and the majority of people that know about it were fans of early Adult Swim.
  • Cartoon Network Isn't Teletoon: Even though it was an Adult Swim original pilot, Williams Street had absolutely no involvement with production. Instead, CN Studios did the entire thing (not including animation, which- you guessed it- was outsourced). CN Studios later collaborated on Williams Street productions, including Korgoth of Barbaria, Black Dynamite (season 2), and the fifth season of Samurai Jack (CN Studios produced seasons 1-4 of the latter by themselves).
  • Slice of Life: Outside the obligatory references to comic books, TV shows, and movies (including pop culture references that went obscure), the whole pilot is pretty much this.
  • Animal World: Level 0 for the whole thing. However, Bill's TV showed clips of Help!... It's the Hair Bear Bunch!. Josh was not amused.
  • Mislabeled thing: Josh's video was this, showing Help!... It's the Hair Bear Bunch! instead.
  • Downwards Funnel: A trivia-off, checks and credit cards, and the toy being broken? Makes sense to break up the Eltingville Club right there.
  • Medieval Setting: The opening scene. Bill even says "to Helleth with this" during said scene.
  • Cartoons Mean They're For Kids: Subverted, despite being by CN Studios without any involvement from Williams Street. The subversion is more obvious because it was on Adult Swim.
  • What's with Andy's Unanswered Questions?: "Is this the end of the Eltingville Club?" was an unanswered question for the series... but it was answered in the comics.